Alyssa & Frederico

New City=New adventures

Hello everyone and welcome to our blog. I call it "our", but you'll probably only here from me on here. I am the one with all the time in the world, so I will spend some of it updating you all on our lives out here in Illinois.

I will start with what brought us so far from what we call home. Fred got a promotion with Costco as a supervisor. We had been discussing the possiblities of relocating earlier this past summer when Fred went back to Costco after taking a break from the company for school and  to work part time with T-mobile. We talked about the opportunity of success moving out this direction and came to the conclusion that if he got an offer we were not going to hesitate to make the move. Fred tried finding job openings in locations closer to Oregon, but there weren't any. In fact a lot of stores had been cutting peoples hours. Illinois had a few openings so he applied for them. Next thing we know Freds phone had a voice mail saying pack your bags. The word around Costco is that the mid-west is the best place to move up fast in the company. Freds ultimate goal is to become a regional manager for Costco. It could happen in as little as five years living out here. His chances would be a lot less if we had stayed in Oregon. So here we our in unfamiliar surroundings and soaking it all up.

Follow our blog as we create and build our new life out here in Illinois.